Harkány angol

Harkány is situated in South-Transdanubia, at the southern part of Baranya county, 10 km from the border checkpoint of Drávaszabolcs and 25 km from Pécs. It can be reached via route 58.
Harkány is one of Hungary’s most significant bath resorts, it is a lovely town with intimate atmosphere. It has been a health and holiday resort well-known both in the country and abroad for more than 100 years. The hot water is unique all over Europe. The sulphuric thermal water rushing up here is so rich in the different active ingredients, as if the nature has sprung it right for the curing of people. Thousands of tourists come here during the whole year who wish to relax and cure. It is ideal for families as well (children programmes, children’s pool, huge slides and playgrounds). The accommodation facilities, restaurants and the repertoire of leisure activities fulfil all requirements and ensure the pleasant relaxation in Harkány. Besides the musical and intimate restaurants and pubs several programmes, festivals, exhibitions concerts and children programmes are organised for the high standard entertainment and amusement. The sports-hall with international standard gives home for sport programmes.
Programme examples: Devil-chasing Days, Easter-egg Days, Withsuntide Musical Festival, Bath festival, Harkány Harvest Festival.
The town’s main income derives from the tourist industry. Its number of habitants is 3700 but in summertime it reaches a 5 or 7 times more. Harkány takes care of official partnership with the German Bruchköbel from 1991 and with the Croatian Crikvenica from 1996.